Narcissist Tactics – Fake Repentance (Case Study)


From Cain, the very first narcissist*, narcissists have used incomplete and fake repentance as a tool to avoid consequences of their actions, while not actually giving up their quest for what they want.  It is a tactic for taking off the immediate heat, while avoiding any genuine heart change.

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Narcissist Case Study – King Saul


It is a pleasure (not to mention less work) when I come across another’s writing which helps add to the understanding I am seeking through this blog.  I just came across a good profile of King Saul, called “Saul a Portrait of Pride and Insecurity“, by a writer pen-named Tamarajo.

Please see the entire entry here.  Following are some excerpts:



“Saul’s whole life is an example of how his low opinion of himself and his lack of Faith in God led him to pride and his own demise. Continue reading

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