Time To Prepare


Are we there yet?

A friend recently surprised me at lunch by saying that many of his friends actively discussed the approaching return of Christ.  I thought I was alone in feeling that we’re getting close.  Could we actually be at the end?

How are we to know?  Which of the rapture positions are correct – pre-trib, post-trib, or pan-trib (it will all pan out in the end)?  And how do we prepare for what’s coming our way?

Until now we had the luxury to debate what the Scripture says, but at the actual end that debate crashes into reality.   When we are close to God’s destination our views will have real-world implications on how we proceed, and how to prepare.

God has provided “trip instructions” on the road to the end.  And He has provided a key signpost which will tell us which set of instructions are correct.  We are announcing a new book outlining those signposts, especially the one which will tell us that it really is “time to prepare”.


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As the title says, Time To Prepare:  Signposts On The Road To The End outlines

  • the Biblical signposts on the road to the end
  • the key signpost that will tell us which side of “the debate” is actually true
  • practical Biblical advice for what’s coming our way







The clear Biblical perspective in these pages will give you a solid base, and hope, for what looks to be a bumpy ride ahead.