Narcissism and the Sovereignty of God – Intro

Psalm 103:19

The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all.
Narcissists can be very, very harmful to others.  They can be harmful to “the work”, whatever work that may be – whether in an office, ministry, mission field, etc.  This harm results from their putting their needs above the needs of others.
There are ways to deal with narcissists to try to mitigate or reduce the damage.  But there are times – in the case of Haman in the book of Esther, for example – where the narcissist is in such a position of power over you that you have no choice but to trust God’s loving sovereignty in the situation.
This is a big subject.   And it has to do with the difficult question of why God allows,evil in the world.  And how He uses it for our good.
But, its something that has to be discussed in a biblical review of narcissism.  And that’s the subject of this section.

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  1. Consider Jacob as an example of a narcissist who used deceit and manipulation (learned from mom) to overtake his brother’s birthright and contravene his father’s will. Jacob in the end was willing in desperation to throw everything he had accumulated at Esau (even his own family) before they met – to save his own skin. Jacob misjudged Esau reaction completely, and was in a panicked crisis. Finally, Jacob the USURPER was wounded and transformed through his personal agonizing wrestling match with God, where he abruptly recognized God not just nominally as the “God of my father Abraham, and my father Isaac” , but my God. God supernaturally put an end to Jacob’s insolent pride and the struggle against God while he lusted for worldly reputation and temporal possessions. Now Israel, he had to be exposed to the Mighty disciplinary hand of God in a way only God can do. I’m regularly surrounded by narcissists in my “friendships” and associations and I’m convinced I used to be one too (before I accepted my Redeemer’s grace, AND MY OWN Jacob experience). These men and women are my constant mission field, lovingly and wisely trying to hold them to account and praying for their Jacob moment. These blogs are helpful and the best biblical resource I’ve found so far. Thanks.


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