Foundations – Boundlessly Good


Psalm 31:19

19 How great is Your goodness,
Which You have stored up for those who fear You,
Which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You,
Before the sons of men!


We have discussed in previous posts the importance of viewing our circumstances through the lens of God’s goodness.  The most comprehensive discussion of God’s goodness ever written was by Stephen Charnock in his book on the Existence and Attributes of God.   It is a difficult read due to its length (1100 pages) and language style (17th century Elizabethan English).   A modern version of Charnock’s chapter on the goodness of God has just been released, called Boundlessly Good:  God’s Motive For All That He Does.  It is shorter (print version is 130 pages, Kindle version is 236 pages) and much more readable due to modern sentence structures, etc.




If you truly want to begin to understand the “why’s”, I would encourage you to look at this book.  It has been a life-changer for me.

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  2. Pride can be part of a hard heart. Maybe one way to help the hard hearted is to have people pray for the person with the hard heart. God ultimately has to be the one to change it. For I can do nothing on my own. My case the prideful person puts me in a difficult situation where I suffer not knowing the future. But also stand waiting on a righteous stance. I wait on God with faith because I’m doing what true and right with his word and hope that he will soften the heart of the prideful person. I know I’m being tested to remain upright and in the Spirit. As difficult as the situation is I have learned to trust God and I have very little discomfort or anxiety, giving me the ability to remain in the Spirit. Staying here I know from experience in time God will fight for me. But occasionally find myself in fear, when I do I know these are places God wants me to work on with my relationship with Him. I found I have been making bad choices when I’m afraid. I’m being tempted with something God says is good to have but make a bad choice and hurt to get it. I must ask what am I afraid of? I’m not trusting God here for some reason. When I repent or discover my fault or sin his grace gives me a new start.

    Here was some helpful information for me.


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