What This Blog Is About


I found myself in a situation that I could not understand.   Things that I was seeing just didn’t quite line up.  Quite distressing.  I cried out to the Lord for help, and He showed me that I was dealing with a narcissist.  I read everything I could on the subject of narcissism and narcissists.  Once I looked at everything through this new lens, things started making sense.   But, I was only reading secular writings on the subject.   Since my deep conviction is that the Bible provides wisdom for all aspects of life, I was quite convinced that the Bible speaks on the subject of narcissism and narcissist.

So, I began to search out what the Bible says about narcissism and narcissists, and quickly understood that narcissism is equal to “insolent pride” in the Bible.  As I began to following linkages such as like “insolent pride -> scoffers -> Pharisees” a whole picture began to form.

The purpose of this blog is to record this search in a way that not only helps me, but also provides HIS wisdom and understanding to others at the same.  My hope is that not only will you understand this subject, but in the process achieve a better appreciation for the depths of God’s word – and that it does speak to everything.

This is a work in process.  I want to be faithful to the Bible and not proof text.  So, I urge you to use this as a launching point to also search it out for yourself in the scriptures.