How To Deal With Narcissists – Introduction

We have been searching out Biblical wisdom of what narcissism is (insolent pride), what narcissists look like (characteristics, traits), and how they operate (their tactics).   And understanding what we are facing is always the first step to dealing with it.  But most of those reading this blog are also likely searching out how to deal with these difficult people – otherwise you would not have found your way here.   The Bible speaks to this as well.

The consensus in the secular literature is that we should run for the hills when faced with a narcissist – low contact, no contact, etc.   And there are portions of scripture that address this.  But we should also remember that God redeems people and situations and says we are to overcome evil by doing good (Romans 12).   How this might work out in our “real world” will be an important discussion.  So, this section over time will attempt to search out answers on both tracks”.

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