Dealing With Narcissists – It Depends on the Relationship


As we continue to explore how to Biblically and effectively deal with the Narcissists / Scoffers / Those with Insolent Pride in our lives, it is important to realize that not every verse applies to every situation.   An analogy from the world of construction is the importance of using the proper tool that was designed for a specific task.  For example:


Proverbs 22:10 – Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out, Even strife and dishonor will cease.


(We discussed here and here how scoffers are narcissists).  While this verse applies very well in some situations, it would not be appropriate to apply in the case of one of your children at home.   So, your relationship to the Narcissist in question will have a big impact on how to appropriately apply scripture to the particular situation.   Going forward, we will use the following framework for understanding how scripture applies in dealing with narcissists:

Types of Relationships With N's

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    • Basically, still working on how to roll that one out, since its a lot more involved than any other relationship, with a lot more at stake – so I want to be sure I have it right. There are a couple of posts up about men dealing with contentious N wives.

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