Why God Allows N’s To Wreak Havoc – The Road Map


Romans 8:28

28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose……


[Note:  After spending much time on descriptive aspects of who narcissists are like their “traits” and “tactics”, we are finally getting into the “why’s”  and “how’s” – Why God allows narcissists to wreak havoc, and How narcissists got that way]


Part of successfully navigating the Narcissist* in our life is to understand some possible reasons why God is allowing this to happen to us.  The purpose is to not ask “WHY ME?”, but to better discern His loving will and ways for the purpose of getting in sync with God – for our good and His glory.


When God orchestrates something in our lives, there is not just one reason He is doing it – He is simultaneously intricately stitching together many, many things in our lives and the lives of others as part of His Tapestry.  So, while we are attempting to understand what’s going on in a situation, we must also realize that at the end of the day we must trust Him – because we will never fully know and understand this side of Heaven.  There is a place for both understanding and at the same time a place for childlike trust in a loving Heavenly Father.


But in the interest of gaining some degree of understanding as to “why” God allows N’ to wreak havoc in our and others’ lives, we are going to attempt to work through the following during the next few weeks:


Why God Allows Narcissists to Wreak Havoc

  • Introduction & Foundations
    • God’s Plan For A Purpose of Love, Part 1
    • God’s Plan For a Purpose of Love, Part 2
    • Providence – God’s Detailed Plan For A Purpose of Love
    • “You Meant It For Evil, But God Meant It For Good”
    • Viewing Our Circumstances Through The Lens of God’s Goodness
  • How God Uses Narcissists (Even For Good)
    • To motivate us to seek Him
    • To force us to seek true wisdom
    • To test our loyalties
    • To refine us
    • To show us the folly of seeking our own way
    • To develop in us His ultimate goal of genuine love
    • As part of His plan for others to know God personally
    • To direct us
    • To give us ultimate happiness
  • Post Script
    • God deals with His “tools”


Stay tuned……




  • Narcissist is the modern colloquial term for what the Bible calls “insolent pride” – see here

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